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Studies show that L-arginine supplementation is beneficial in regulating glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Vitamins A, B6, and C in watermelon help your skin stay soft, smooth, and supple. Other benefits are protecting nerve function, eradicating inflammation, help balance pH level, prevent exhaustion and heat stroke, reduces risk of developing periodontal disease, support kidney health and support digestion. You may have been told as a kid that if you swallow watermelon seeds, they’ll grow in your belly. While you might not be able to get as much of the amino acid from watermelon as you might through supplementation, it is noting that foods that contain this compound can be a beneficial part of a diet designed to fight against diabetes. Antioxidants, like vitamin C and lycopene intervene by providing one of their extra electrons to the free radical, thereby neutralizing it and preventing it from causing cellular damage. Detox – Watermelon is made up of 92 % water. The health benefits of watermelon are vast. Pick a melon that’s free of dents, nicks, and bruises. So, one who usually suffers from unwanted constipation problems should have watermelon in order to prevent the disease. 3. Current research indicates that low levels of vitamin C correlates to an increase of asthma attacks, while higher levels of vitamin C are tied to a reduction in asthma symptoms. Watermelon, which is mostly water and contains electrolytes can help negate the effects of the heat in the summertime and potentially reduce the risk of suffering heat stroke. You’re in luck. [clickToTweet tweet=”Watermelon #Detox Water … You might not really notice it because you are not necessarily thirsty, however you might suffer from mild, chronic health side effects like headaches, fatigue and uncomfortable constipation. Ingredients . This is one reason why a strawberry might not satisfy you mentally in the same way as cheesecake. The next time you see a platter full of thick slices, go ahead and grab one. 5. The health benefits of watermelon include prevention of kidney disorders, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, heat stroke, macular degeneration, and impotence. Is watermelon as good a source of lycopene as tomatoes?”), Reviewed by Kathleen Before heading out in the morning, fill up a bowl with fresh watermelon to nibble on throughout the day. Any mention in this website of a specific product or service, or recommendation, does not represent an endorsement of that product, or service, or expert advice. Tossed with olive oil and sea salt, they can be roasted for a tasty (and healthy) snack. Watermelon health benefits includes managing diabetes, fighting free radicals, support healthy heart, source of energy and water, reduces severity of asthma attacks and support weight loss. Healthy shukra dhatu helps to increase sexual energy, stamina and fertility in men. Watermelon contains lots of water and a small amount of fiber — both of which are important for healthy digestion. The cheery red color comes from lycopene, an antioxidant. Watermelon satisfies the emotional craving as well as the physical one. Vitamin C in watermelon will help your skin because it boosts collagen production and protects the skin against sun damage. But in addition to that water, this fruit is also a good source of electrolytes which help you to stay hydrated and replace the minerals that are lost when you sweat. It also decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. So many of us go through the day not taking the time to drink enough water, so that we are in a perpetual state of mild dehydration. Watermelon has a glycemic index (GI) value of 80, about the same as a bowl of cornflakes. 6. Watermelon is rich in vitamins A, B and C and potassium. Hydrates the Body . Consuming large amounts of watermelon has also been correlated with im… Watermelon and Rosemary Infused Water Recipe is perfect for you! More come from unsuspected places inside your own home or workplace. We encourage you to talk to your healthcare providers (doctor, registered dietitian, pharmacist, etc.) Watermelon may just pretty much taste like water, but there are so many benefits to it that not many people realise. For many people, that thing is sweets. See additional information. It’s a melon that’s 92 percent water. Before we … Watermelon has many health benefits. These combination fills you up and leaves you satisfied longer than any sugary, fat laden dessert. A scrambling and trailing vine-like plant, it was originally domesticated in Africa.It is a highly cultivated fruit worldwide, with more than 1,000 varieties.. Wild watermelon seeds have been found in the prehistoric Libyan site of Uan Muhuggiag. Watermelon contains Lycopene which is a fat-soluble antioxidant. If you suffer from night time leg cramps, a potassium deficiency might also be the cause. These cubes can then be used in a glass of water, sparkling water or ice tea to lightly sweeten the taste. M… As you can see, the body falls just on the side of being slightly more alkaline. Regardless of their source, your kidneys do a lot of work to keep you healthy by eliminating these toxins from your system. Not true! 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pistachios It also helps in management of testosterone level. Another health benefit of watermelon is that it helps in improving the digestion process. To once again make themselves complete, that go off in search of an electron to steal from another complete molecule. It can assist the body in flushing out toxins. The lycopene in watermelon may make it less likely that you get sunburned. Michael is a certified medical write and a qualified pharmacist that makes medical writing easily understandable by the general population. Watermelons contain a lot of potassium, which is very helpful in cleaning out the toxic depositions in the kidney. Containing more than 90 percent water, watermelon also fills you up quickly and helps control over eating. Mix the ingredients together in a pitcher. 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender If you get really dehydrated, it can become serious enough that you need to get fluids by IV. for health problems. Rinse and pat dry. Because inflammation can have such a detrimental effect on the body, it is necessary to take steps to fight it in every possible way. It is a serious condition that requires medical attention. Of course, your whole lifestyle affects your heart health. 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A cup of ice cream will set you back around 300 calories. While the watermelon won’t stay crisp, you can thaw it to use in smoothies. Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline that may help move blood through your body and can lower your blood pressure. 9 Impressive Health Benefits of Pumpkin Chronic, systemic inflammation is known to be a precursor to many of the serious diseases that we suffer from today including diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia and even cancer. It also is a great source of citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood circulation. And since watermelon is mostly water (91%) and has low calories (30 calories in every 100g), it is the perfect choice for people who try to lose weight. See more ideas about watermelon, food, watermelon popsicles. Every cell in your body needs water. The lycopene in watermelon is especially important for our cardiovascular health and is now being recognized as an important factor in promoting bone health. The texture of watermelon is almost like that of a dessert that melts in your mouth. Advertisements. Watermelon juice can be added to ice trays and used instead of water. Sources M. Watermelon … Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts, Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Kathleen Proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are your primary tools against periodontal disease, but adequate amounts of vitamin C in the diet has been shown to inhibit the development or worsening of the disease. Watermelon Detox Water – Health Benefits. Watermelon is rich in potassium, which helps to regulate nerve function by facilitating the passage of electrical impulses and messages. Every summer, thousands fall victim to heat stroke, with more than two hundred people dying from the condition annually in the united states. Some pigments help protect plants from the sun. Watermelon is the quintessential summertime fruit. Enjoy a slice without guilt! Make a watermelon pizza by topping wedges with yogurt, mint, slivered almonds, and berries. All the above components of watermelons contribute to their major impact on health; lets explore some more details of those benefits below. He is a specialist fitness writer that can easily craft pieces which are both informative and easy to read. And the riper, the better. Doing so could help prevent muscle soreness, as long as you don’t push yourself too hard. In addition to disease prevention, providing vital nutrients, and many other benefits. Watermelon – helps you gain a high amount of vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants. After all, your stomach has no sunlight or soil, and a lot of gastric acid. All rights reserved. In particular, its antioxidants and vitamins and minerals help to have healthier and more protected skin. Watermelon contains both, making it a perfect digestive treat. Top a salad with cubed melon and crumbled feta cheese. This summer, replace high-calorie snacks or desserts with watermelon. One more reason that watermelon helps you lose weight? You know watermelon is sweet and juicy, but did you know that your favorite warm weather treat is also bursting with healthy benefits as well? Aids in Hydration, Digestion and Detoxification. It isn’t just about the sweetness of sugary treats, but also about the texture and the mouthfeel. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. According to healthline.com lemons are proven to be good for digestion, weight loss, and skin quality. Researchers and scientists say that the water melon is … The same cup of watermelon comprises 21% Vitamin C, 17% Vitamin A and 2% iron from the daily recommended intake. Studies show it may help curb your risk of cancer and diabetes as part of a healthy lifestyle. The fullness is enhanced by the fiber in watermelon. In addition, they minimize the negative impact of oxidative stress, a factor that can lead to premature aging, as a 2014 scientific publication states. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. The two main toxin fighting nutrients in watermelon are calcium and potassium. | Foods are the best ways to get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Lycopene is responsible for the pinkish red hue of watermelons. Your digestive system need water to help digest foods and push them through. Overview. Find more details here. 11 Impressive Health Benefits of Eggplant One of the most effective means of fighting inflammation is through dietary sources. Almost one and half times more. Benefits of Watermelon Detox Water. It is also responsible for every shade of red tomato from the palest pink to the most garnet like reds. One of the top benefits of watermelon is its high water content. Wash the outside of your melon before you slice into it. The beneficial elements of watermelon are mainly obtained from its unique mix of; During the average day, you are exposed to countless toxins. But that’s not for sure, so keep using your broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher every day. 13 Impressive Health Benefits and Uses of Cumin. 8. If you are trying to lose weight, you know that we all have those triggers that send us down the road of temptation, longing after something that we know isn’t the healthiest option. Some studies show that over time, it could make you less likely to get rheumatoid arthritis. Add ice cubes and a sprig of basil. This recipe features Watermelon and Rosemary, which not only tastes and smells good but is also healthy! Watermelon is one of the fruits that is rich of water. Keeping cool with watermelon can help cool down inflammation as well. The human body regulates itself at a very specific 7.4. Watermelon is largely made up of water (92%) and is low in calories with 31 calories per 100g. The amazing health benefits of watermelon cover everything from your brain all the way to the cells in your feet. Water has also been found to speed up metabolism and flush out toxins and fats, which eventually might contribute to … The problem is that the average diet filled with saturated fats, sugars and processed foods tends to be more acidic, which can throw off the balance of the body’s pH. When you thump it, it should sound hollow. The potassium that a man gains from watermelon activate enzymes required for energy metabolism and also, maintains and supports the bone health. These nutrients help promote a healthy gut by preventing constipation and promoting regularity of … Watermelon is a source of minerals potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium Besides providing lycopene, watermelon also provides the antioxidant beta carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A. One of the best watermelon health benefits is that it aids in healthy weight loss too. By virtue of being high in water content, this fruit induces urination. Watermelon has more of this nutrient than any other fruit or veggie -- even tomatoes. This tool does not provide medical advice. Some of them come from the foods you eat or the air outside. However, watermelon brings something new to the dessert table. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. That means its glycemic load (how quickly it enters your bloodstream and how much glucose it can produce) is a mere 5. Heat stroke is not just about being a little overheated. The most vital benefit of watermelon peel is for beauty and aesthetical purposes. This signals that it’s ripe. The foods we eat and the drinks we enjoy all fall somewhere along the pH scale. Its soft, fleshy fruit is easy for even an inflamed gut to digest. Steer clear from these unpleasant side effects by enjoying a cup of watermelon which has approximately 170 mg of potassium. Note also that similar to other fruits, the water in watermelon makes you feel full even when you haven’t eaten a lot of food. This thirst-quenching fruit helps keep the body hydrated. Juicy watermelon is 92% water, so it’s a simple way to help stay hydrated. It’s also high in potassium, a mineral that could cut down on cramps at the gym. On a scale of 0-14, the lower the number the more acidic it is. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. Potassium. Yes, it is true that most of us only consume the flesh, due to its refreshing taste thanks to its natural water content that can act as a substitute for water as well as to prevent one from dehydrating. This content serves a powerful anti-oxidant that are useful to keep the body from free radicals. Freezing is an option, too. A juicy, ready-to-eat watermelon will feel heavy for its size. Your heart also enjoys the perks of all the lycopene watermelon contains. Spread over your face and leave on for 10 minutes to slough off any dry, dull skin. The watermelon fruit is an electrolyte; it also helps in the maintenance of the electrochemical balance which lets nerve cells to … While melon tastes best right after it’s cut, you can store it in your fridge for up to 5 days. The fact that watermelon contains about 90 percent water helps us fill up quickly and avoid over-eating. The next time you reach for a post work out drink that contains L-citrulline, reach for a wedge of watermelon instead. Too little potassium can cause lack of nerve function, numbness and tingling. Being a fruit, it is primarily a carbohydrate with around 7g per 100g, and contains very little or negligible protein, fat or fibre. Watermelon contains the amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline, two known powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Watermelon is by far, one of the most powerful, body-healing fruits out there! To make an easy sorbet, puree some watermelon in your blender, add a squeeze of lime, and pop in the freezer until it hardens. Watermelon is a great source of vitamin C. Sink those teeth into a slice of watermelon to keep your smile healthy and bright. When you bite into a cool wedge of watermelon, you probably do not have antioxidants on your mind. Pharmacist, Bodybuilder, Nutrition Consultant, Fitness Pro. Major pH imbalances are rare and serious, but minor shifts into the acidic zone can leave you feeling off. WTRMLN WTR is loaded with 550mg of naturally occurring potassium (a key electrolyte), which is amazing for your workouts! It helps increase urine production to transport waste and toxins out of the body to protect against kidney stones. Information on this website does not constitute a medical consultation or a prescription. Some are considered acidic, while others are considered basic or alkaline. You can put watermelon on your “yes” list. The watermelon rind health benefits primarily derived from the citrulline. Lycopene has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease in people who either take supplements or consume lycopene rich foods on a regular basis. Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Besides these, watermelons are also high in riboflavin, vitamin B6, thiamin, magnesium, zinc, potassium, selenium, lycopene and manganese. They’re actually full of nutrients! To load up on lycopene, choose a melon with bright red flesh rather than yellow or orange. Watermelon benefits also include being a natural diuretic. As its name would suggest, watermelon is full of water… shocking! Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline that may help move blood through your body and can lower your blood pressure. Watermelon health benefits includes managing diabetes, fighting free radicals, support healthy heart, source of energy and water, reduces severity of asthma attacks and support weight loss. It can be sliced and presented on a plate just like a piece of cake or pie. According to principles of Ayurveda watermelon nourishes body tissues specially shukra dhatu. It is a staple at picnics and backyard parties everywhere. What to do? Read More- Benefits of Cucumber Water. A slice of fresh watermelon tastes great, but you can do more with it. Periodontal disease is a condition that is suspected of affecting anywhere from 20-25% of the population. What most people don’t know … Michael Jessimy range of expertise encompasses pharmaceutical and medical writing, White Paper production, as well as Fitness and Bodybuilding consultation. Boosts Eye Health. You don’t want your knife to transfer any germs to the inside. Jul 16, 2015 - Explore fabiola herrera's board "watermelon water" on Pinterest. Also, watermelon’s high water content will hydrate your skin, making it clear and vibrant. Lower inflammation. You also need fiber to help with this process. Watermelon’s high water content, antioxidants, and amino acids may make for a better workout. So make sure you also work out, don’t smoke, limit saturated fat, and keep up with your doctor’s advice. But it’s got few carbs. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that watermelon is a great source of the free radical fighting warriors, specifically in the form of vitamin C and lycopene. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Note: This recipe can stay safe in the refrigerator for up to three days. Watermelon contains 90% of water and thus helps to hydrate. M. The watermelon fruit also contains tons of L-citrulline, an amino acid, and lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient that’s been thought to be pretty damn important for your cardiovascular health (not to mention bone health).

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