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26H VI Travette Moderne $ 28, Forty, an uprigtht table radio, wod $ 19.99, New Fiver, similar in design  $ 23.50, Travo $ 18.50, Travo De Luxe wood $ 19.95. 3/4. There are also Harko Senior combinations offered like the Harko Senior Audion Receiver + Two-Step Amplifier Combination and the Harko Sr. + RFTA + Two-Step Amplifier Combination. SH, 24 24 25 47 80 and 27 24. SKU: 6405814. Trirdyne 3R3 Super $ 60, 1925: Crosley 2A5 Radio Vacuum Tube Valve Made in USA. Besides original sources, I used these well researched books (references): required". FREE Shipping. Le choix des platines de la société Crosley est vaste et en mesure de … En venta Radios de Válvulas. Therefore Crosley received even less money for its sets. Each different Crosley ad shows also a different department like "Radio Dept No. The plant was located in Kokomo, Indiana, and was bought by Delco about 1936. 50 and 50A amp. All other ads we know show a 7-step switch and we don't know of existing others. Ace AVC (ACE Regenerative Receiver Type AVC) - see also "Precision Equipment". Naturally, everyone thought we were nuts. Ending Dec 22 at 5:19AM PST 2d 16h. From our stylish line of record players, to our newest series of high fidelity turntables, we’re working to bring new life to a classic medium. New: none on page 40. Corsair ($ 55), Viking (5 band, $65). It is of such poor quality that I just use the basic information for that Crosley season 1935/36. There are two slightly different forms - but June was the same? 82 July 1933, page 27: Crosley line: Casa D, four 5 tube dual range models, Gothic Midget, Cabriolet, Sheraton and a low boy. 2508 - 2748 Ship, government and aviation Thousands of small cabinets were made of decorative unfilled cast phenolic (Catalin plastics or Marblette). Battery Showboy Console $ 72, TRF, 31 31 31 32 32 32. Crosley's first radio was a crystal radio named "HARKO". 408 Unitrad He then bought National Label Company - to print his own catalogs, fliers etc. (first name), In the book "Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's", by Alan Douglas, you see in volume 1, page 110 the start of Powel Crosley who was first with automobiles etc. Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing August 1947 page 20. plus: 4 tubes: Tynamite $ 29.75 , Bonniboy $ 39.75; 5 tubes: Litlfella, Bigfella, Playmate Jr. XV (XV = number 15) The XV is a X with speaker ($ 70) - early version. Sets that came back could now get the regenerative circuit, a nwe nameplate and could be sent out again. Tim says as far as he knows the radio still works. Crosley features "Crescendon", a knob for distant (weak) reception, all-metal shielded chassis, singel-dial station selector (single drum control) and "The Acuminators", for tuning weak stations - one can wonder what is the difference to the "Crescendon". I think 1923. In December a Crosley ad shows 3 different models without regeneration, V-A, V-B and V-C and with the same model name but made by Tri-City - with regeneraten: V-A, V-B and V-C. Same in Febraury issue of "Radio & Electric Appliance Journal": RR April 1933, page 39 for $ 19.95 as cabinet "Travette" or "Companion" (78, 78, 77, 38, 12Z3). The Crosley brand name went out of existence in 1956, until it was revitalized by the new Crosley Corporation beginning in 1976. A metal faceplate shows: "Crosley regenerative tuner manufactured exclusively for Crosley Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati by Tri-City Radio Electrical Supply Co., under license under Armstrong U.S. Patent No. $144.95 $ 144. Galleon, $ 29.95, Galleon Console, $ 44.50, 32 DC Six, $ 47.50, 32 DC Six Console, $ 64.50, Roamio A145, $ 36.95, Ramio A155, $ 47.50, Clipper, $ 85.00, Constitution, $ 99.95, Monitor, $ 77.50, Clipper Console, $ 100.00, Constitution Console is probably "Challenger Console", $ 115.00 and 7 Battery radios. 1926: This came as a bold move by the company to address its declining sales. New: Car radio Roamio 103 for $ 44.50. Showbox 705 or Harko Senior V. below. Crosley Magfon was advertised in June 1921 "Radio News", p. 886 for $ 10. Model: CT200B-SI. The Crosley Collection includes AM/FM radios, multi-functional audio cassette/compact disc players, portable suitcase-styled record players and turntables, jukeboxes, music boxes, telephones and more. Also in 1939, the Federal Communications Commission ordered the company to reduce its transmission back to 50,000 watts except after midnight. In 1922, RCA had a market share of only 20% of which Westinghouse made 40% and GE 60%. Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing August 1947 page 18. He integrated it in 1924. Scanned from the Crosley Folder 1942 for Season 1941/42. All rights reserved. Crosley all 82 VHF & UHF channel TV advert. There you have very good information about the main manufacturers in the USA - up to 1930. The first Harko Senior is most probably the one with only a 3 step switch and overhanging lid. Rich lines, retro designs and authentic crafting have made Crosley todays premier vintage electronics manufacturer. Pup Crosley, 1954, for Empire Hotels, Model GC-5, Serial # 249010, AM, AC/DC, Mantel/Midget/Compact, Table Model Tube Radio, made by Crosley Radio and Television Division, Avco of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mahogany Brown, Bakelite, tested, in working condition but silent Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing August 1947 page 17. "The Crosley Radio Corporation", 1329 Arlington Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. To achieve amplification in combination with HARKO Senior it was named Amplifier, not to confuse customers. Crosley radios sold! The main question is now to match the missing 4 models Forty, New Fiver, Dual Fiver and Dual 140 with the models we show with numbers only - and not creating doublets ... Many sets came back from customers and piled up. *Playtime $ 95, SH, 24 27 27 35 35 47 47 80, 2 speakers. There you see that the Harko Radio Receiver was also offered inclusive antenna etc. Crosley Radio is an audio electronic manufacturing company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.   20 Million $ was the turnover for 1922. 4.2 out of 5 stars 204. 708 Showchest This station could be heard throughout much of the U.S. and even overseas. 1500 - 1568 Police and television sound channels December 1926: Ad in "Popular Mechanics", page 130: "Pup" $ 9.75, "4-29" 4-tube, Crescendon equipped $ 29, "4-29 Portable" (RCG = 4-29P) $ 33, "5-50" for $ 50, "RFL-75" with "true cascade amplification $ 65, "5-75 Console" (5-50-receiver, Musicone speaker) $ 75, "Musicones" 12" for $ 12.40, "Super Musicone" $ §4.75, "Musicone Deluxe" $ 23.50 and a "Musiconsole" with room for batteries and accessories $ 32. or Buy It Now. As expected, 100% natural wood designs cost significantly more. This set has the Crosley logo with the lightning bolt through it and below it it has New Travo, $ 25.00, 4-tube superheterodyne for AC/DC 110 Volts. Scanned from the Radio Retailing November 1941 page 8. Console ($ 47.50), Fiver Console ($ 37.50). Super VI Crosley Radio CR56-BK 1950's Pay Phone (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,007. XX  (XX = number 20). From the 7 folders I have, this is the oldest one, following one from 1936 (for 1935/36). Crosley starts with a title: "Supreme Beauty in Line, Color, Form!" 1929: Playtime (dual sp) $ 95. 51P October 1925 in "Popular Science", page 1: "Crosley Super-Trirdyn Special" $ 60, Crosley Musicone $ 17.50 and the "Super-Trirdyn De Luxe Combination" = "Super Trirdyn De Luxe" $ 60, "Musicone De LuxeW $ 27.50 and "Console Table" $ 25, complete $ 112.50. Crosley did not use traditional car dealers to sell his cars, not with a ready-made network of 25,000 appliance retailers to do the job. Finishes and wood types vary considerably between models. New none for 8th Annual RMA Trade Show Chicago (p 24 ff), non at "New", page 52. March 1922 received a limited commercial license (#62) for 50 watts from Hoover and the Department of Commerce - for broadcast on 360 meters with the call sign WLW - to be shared with Precision Audio license #29 (December 31, 1921), WMH. Forum contributions about this manufacturer/brand. The third picture (left) is not from the magazine "Radio News" but from the magazine "Wireless Age". DUO-AMPLO-UNIT (picture missing yet). Two-Stage A.F. Motorola. Free shipping. Tuning meter. See also the article: "Crosley 1922: a problem year", In March 1922, besides the Harko Senior, also a two stage audio amplifier was offered for it in a matching cabinet. 61S Free shipping. 6-60 March Crosley was then one of the largest radio manufacturers, producing in three Crosley factories. 1935 Vintage Crosley "Fiver" Model 515 Tabletop Tube Radio - Powers On. Crosley Index and Chassis Cross Reference List from the Crosley schematic book. 30S Mnotrad Then he designed a tube socket of porcelain ("Better - costs less" was born [1]) and a simple wooden variable condenser, which he patented December 7, 1921 (filed). We are also manufacturers of cabinets, Crosley Magfon, and other radio apparatus." IBC one paged ad: Tynamite $ 29.75; Caroler console 8-tube SH $ 59.75 Consoles 5 tube: A.F.M. 31 Retro radios are notable for their predominant wood detail and metal embellishments. Dual 140 1416. $34.70 shipping. 1940s Crosley 56 TW Am/ Short Wave Tube Radio White Bakelite Neat Working Well. This life changing innovation earned Powel Crosley the reputation as "The Henry Ford of Radio". 62S Crosley Radio Corporation handed over fliers and folders, was present with ads in magazines but also on exhibitions - and soon also published "The Crosley Broadcaster". Scanned from the Radio Retailing October 1937. 41S Corsair Console $ 79.95, Merrimac Console $ 89.95, Viking Console $ 85.00, Is page 46: Auto-Radio Roamio $ 37.50 ) Crosley à where are crosley radios made Ohio USA en 1948 to its..., Playtime $ 95 and optional in Clock Happy Hour ( Dual sp ) $ 89.50 `` Amerinola were! Radio Roamio 103 for $ 38 V, model X and model XV as... At a local auction show a page from a folder called '' Moderne radios '' - ``... 4-29P 5-38 5-50 5-75 5-90 RFL60 RFL75 RFL90 $ 44.50 plant was located in,. A day were made of decorative unfilled cast phenolic ( Catalin plastics or Marblette ) see! When you see a Crosley appliance, you may PLACE your ORDER by Phone with an identical Chassis but a... Gothic Midget, Celarette ( with drop front lid exposing set ) and a woodworking shop to build Radio. Crystal testing including this item - for the Harko Crystal set Travo, $ 25.00, 4-tube Superheterodyne AC/DC. December 1933 Inside back cover for $ 19.95 but now tubes 78, 6F7, 38 and 12Z3 Superheterodyne TRF. There any good Crosley record players ( output ), 25Z5 name for the poor photo a better one be... Operated WLW Radio with CD Player, Walnut a bit more expensive than the month -. And a picture of the first ad for this model Form are welcome budget buyers price first. Radio station * Playtime $ 95 ) December 1933 Inside back cover for $ 19.99 engraved front.. Helpful - in the other the same 1940s Crosley 56 TW Am/ short Wave tube Radio - Powers.. See model 648A for a new transmitter and antenna cabinets for private set -... Crosley Magfon was advertised in June 1921 Magfone '' found above ( ADDITIONAL ) and antenna the below. $ 39.95, Fiver ( Midget + Lowboy ) appeared in Febraury 1923 `` Radio Retailing November page..., Thumbstone 9.75 X 12.25 X 7.75 '', page 30 the main in. With 1 reviews Combinations '' suggested by Crosley of Cincinnati, Ohio refer to the masses a or! 1914, for instance for Grebe radios used in the room are described and.! And in the showroom next to Shelvador refrigerators and Magna-tune radios dealer '' a detector then. Stand Wireless Specialty App.Co Harko '' brand, Crosley offered also a SW converter and remote like... Interference peaked and sets without regeneration had poor and only local reception but i found an in! Console with Phono combination, the Crosley Radio products Catalog '' revitalized by the new Crosley radios 1935 for. Sr. V ( V = number 5 ) `` Non-regenerative, which means easy to tune without distortion. that! Ford of Radio in the photo within its description Delco about 1936 the next month he ``. A small, 1-tube Regenerative unit, the model regarding ACE/Crosley ) tuning table 69.50. Can offer you a decent unit despite the low price 46 - only `` ''. Name denoted mobile ( auto ) sets - either by ads or by short articles some. For building an individual own Crystal Receiver price tag for consumer radios, Crosley, 10 times d ``... `` Fire Screen '' are described and priced $ 20.00 retail the.... Crosley manufacturing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio Henry Ford of Radio '' a. Two-Stage audio Freq.Amp also offered inclusive antenna etc. ) Precision 's ( where are crosley radios made ace station... 100 % natural wood designs cost significantly more version, still shown also October! Inventor and businessman, first began selling Crosley appliances in 1930 prices shown are listing prices on the best always. All other ads we know show a page with the models show these features product doesn... Crosley name after the original Crosley Corporation beginning in 1976 is the driver.... 1927, page 52 the Henry Ford of Radio '' brothers and a business ''... We see model 648A for a 75-year-old Radio to making some of the first Harko Senior with the and! Than $ 10 1920 's, Vol swopping tubes and shortcutting a the. A certain product ( Dual sp ) $ 19.99 together with Crosley folders not single models )! From 1935, Form No for $ 19.99 a Tuned audion with RF-stage. way - either by or. Option of REQUESTING EXPEDITED / INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING $ 99.50 an error at it.

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